Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the meaning of a Christmas wreath?

They're pretty and they smell good.

Other than that, I'm stumped.

What is the meaning of a Christmas wreath?
The Romans hung them on doors as signs of victory, this is how they started hanging on doors suposably.

Another one was the Germanic Christians would hang them on doors and light fires to symbolize the renwed like of spring.

Something similar to one of those.
Reply:Hmmm... I really never bother to ask why I always put a wreath in front of our door every month of December...

But, here is a description from a website that I found about Advent Wreaths:

"Advent wreaths have their origins in the folk traditions of northern Europe, where in the deep of winter people lit candles on wheel-shaped bundles of evergreen. Both the evergreen and the circular shape symbolized ongoing life. The candlelight gave comfort at this darkest time of the year, as people looked forward to the longer days of spring.

Later, Eastern European Christians adopted this practice. By the sixteenth century, they were making Advent wreaths much as we know them today. An Advent wreath traditionally contains four candles—three purple and one rose. The three purple candles in the Advent wreath symbolize hope, peace, and love. These candles are lit on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of Advent. The rose or pink candle, which symbolizes joy, is usually lit on the third Sunday.

Sometimes a fifth candle is placed inside the Advent wreath. This candle is lit on Christmas Day. It is white, the color associated with angels and the birth of Jesus. Another variation is to remove the four colored candles after Advent has passed and replace them with four white candles to be lit every evening during the remaining holiday season.

Because Advent wreaths are an informal celebration, not all are the same. Many wreaths featured blue or white candles and the wreaths are made up of a variety of greens or dried arrangements.

Whatever Advent wreath you choose it is important to remember the birth and ascension of Christ and to use the holiday season as a time of reflection and quality family time."

Reply:It's just another adopted tradition from ancient times before christianity. Somewhere along the line they decided to make it a symbol of the thorn thingie of the head of jesus but that's not what it truly represents at all.

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