Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's the best way to hang a wreath on your front door?


I've seen these new hooks from 3m that are removable without damaging the surface... I'll see if I can find a link for you. Here they are:

The Jumbo one holds up to 7.5 pounds. That should work!


~Nail will put a hole in the door, unless you paint it the color of the door and leave it there.

~Some doors won't close without scratching and denting the door frame, while a Wreath Hanger is on them.

~ With Ribbon or String, the Wreath will slide around on the door as you open and close it or even slide off completely if opened too fast. This is quite annoying.

I'm glad you asked this question because I've tried the other options and hadn't yet thought about it this year. Now I'm going to go get some 3M Hooks!

What's the best way to hang a wreath on your front door?
I bought a wreath hanger at Walmart last night for $1.47. They had the suction cup things right next to them for $1.97.
Reply:The best way, which won't damage your door, is to get a wreath hanger. This is a metal thing that hangs over the top of the door, and has a hook on the bottom to hang the wreath. They sell them at most craft supply stores, like Michael's, and also the evil Wal*mart.
Reply:With a wreath hanger that goes over the top of your door, if it will fit, I cannot find one to fit over my door so I don't hang one.
Reply:Attach a long red ribbon/or string to the top of the wreath and put the ribbon or string over the top of the door - wreath goes to the outside and attach the ribbon or string, with a drawing pin to the inside of the door. (Wooden doors only.)

Wreath hangers leave marks on the door or the door will not close at all.
Reply:they sell these things at crafts stroes like Michael's to hang wreaths, but I can't remember what they are called. They look like hooks of some sort, though. In the section next to where they sell the wreaths
Reply:with a nail
Reply:Hi ,You know they have those hooks that you can remove by pulling a section of them and they release ,easily to store with wreath till next year.I think they would be a good investment for future use.Good Luck.
Reply:wreath hanger
Reply:depends on the doors material,wood or steel,fiberglass.the hardware store sells brass,or coated screw in hooks,they are rated by the weight requirements of what your hanging,and they will live with the doors life,instead of using nails.
Reply:Go buy yourself an over-the-door holder. It hangs on top of the door and does not require anything further without any damage to the door.
Reply:a big suction cup with a hook on it. once you stick it, it stays!
Reply:with joy and holiday spirit abounding
Reply:You a metal coathanger and bend it.
Reply:Depends on what kind of door you have.

If there is a window, a suction cup hook is good, make sure its a big one for wreathes.

If it is metal, a good strong magnet hook will work well.

If the wreath hook will fit over your door and not hurt your seal, you can use one of those. If its just plain wood you can use that new stick on hook that the sticky stuff says it will peel right off at the end of the season...I have seen an ad for them but not tried it, I have windows and use the suction cup hook.

If you don't want to nail into your door, mount a permanent hook next to the door. You can hang other wreathes there for other holidays and seasons.
Reply:put a nail into the door but not too far only enough so it has enough grip to hold the wreath and can be easily taken out afterwards

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